November 15, 2019

How do I increase my sales?

There are two basic factors that effect sales:

Traffic - The number of visitors in your store each day

Conversion - The percentage of visitors that have completed a purchase

You can always increase the traffic using marketing, but if your conversion is low the cost for the increased sales will be high. There is also a the risk that your new traffic is of lower quality then the traffic you already have, which might lower the conversions even more. Our recommendation is therefor that you start with the conversion to increase your sales on the visitors you allready have. When you have increased the conversion rate to a sufficent level, then you work with increasing the traffic.

More about conversion

Expected conversion depends on your target group, your stock and so on but the rule of thumb is that 1% or lower is concidered low conversion and 3% or higher is concidered high conversion. On Nordisk e-handel you will find your conversion rate on the Dashboard and also in your Google Analytics.

A low conversion rate often depends on flaws in the customer experience. Examples of flaws are, it's hard to find the product I'm looking for, bad product information, complicated checkout or as simple as the wrong color or size on the add-to-cart buttons.

So, how do I increase my conversion rate ?

A good first step is to make a conversion analysis. That kind of analysis goes through the entire customer experience and gives you a list of potential flaws and recommended actions. When we do an analysis, our e-commerce experts examine your site our of a usability perspective to find where and why your visitors leaves the site instead of making an order. You will get suggestions on design and layout changes that will increase the customer experience and conversion rate.
The result of the analysis will be the starting point for you to start working with conversion optimization actions on YOU site. Read more about our conversion analysis

What kind of result can I expect?

This is of course hard to say but if your conversion i low it is possible to double your sales by taking all the actions the conversion analysis recommend.