June 27, 2019

Welcome our new partner, Videoly!

Videoly is a service that finds and integrates videos to the product pages in an online store. It is the easiest and quickest tool to immediately compose relevant video content from youtube. Video content creates a richer product information, an engaging customer experience and also a increase in sales. Todays customers use video content more and more and this is also coming more and more to ecommerce.

With Videoly you can add videos with e.g. reviews and unboxings. This kind of product content makes it possible for the customer to better visualization of the product they want to buy. A customer also trust third party content more then content created by the store. In the videos customers can see how the product is used, actual size, color and material of the product. With the possibility to see videos of the product the customer becomes more certain of what they order and also more content of the product since they could see the product beforehand With video content the customer also stays longer on a store, which increases the store SEO.

Videoly service works best with the following type of products: - Elektronics - Sports - Hobby products - Toys - Cosmetics - Tools

Do you want to know more what kind of content Videoly can find for your store? Book a demo today!