Different types of SSL

There are different types of SSL-certificates. We will tell you more about the differences, so you will know what you’ll need.

An SSL-certificate can equate to electronic identification, the same way that people can identify with an ID-card or a passport. For example, a website can identify itself with an SSL-certificate. To be able to receive card payments on a website, it is mandatory to possess an SSL-certificate. Today SSL also has substantial SEO value. According to Google, should you only do one thing for the SEO value of your site, get an SSL for your domain.

Let´s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypts is a free service for automized SSL. The service developed by ISRG (the Internet Security Research Group) and sponsored by multiple prominent universities and IT-businesses (Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Cisco etc.) Read more about Let's enrypt

DV Certifikat

Domain validated or DV certificates are the most common type of SSL certificate. They are verified using only the domain name. e.g www.mystore.com. Nordisk e-handel purhases DV certificate on demand, we install it, do maintenance and are responsible to renew it. Let's Encrypt is sort of DV Certificate. The reason a "regular" DV certificate comes with a cost is because it also comes with an insurrance from the SSL provider if the SSL should get hacked. A DV certificate is valid for 12 months.

Wildcard SSL

A Wildcard SSL has the same functionalty as a DV SSL with the addition of sub-domain support. If you have a Wildcard SSL it is valid for your domain and all it's sub-domains. e.g. shop.mystore.com, dk.mystore.com or my.store.com.

OV Certifikat

Organization validated or OV certificates require more validation than DV certificates, but will also provide more trust. To get an OV certificate a validation of the actual business that is attempting to get the certificate will be done. With an OV certificate, the organization’s name will be listed in the certificate in the web browser. OVs are usually used by larger corporations and governments.

EV Certifikat

Extended validation or EV certificates provide the maximum amount of trust to visitors but also require the most effort to validate. Additional company and store information and identification need to be made to purchase this kind of certificate. The company name is shown the same way as an OV SSL, but also with the company name directly in the address field in the browser. EC certificate is most common with large corporations, medicine companies and banks.

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Cloud, Shared & Dedicated VPS

Cloud, Shared & Dedicated VPS

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